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France Says Renault Is At Risk

Will they permanently disappear?

One of France's largest, most popular brands, Renault has been struggling with financial problems recently, and the COVID-19 pandemic does not help. Nissan, who is in alliance with Renault, is also trouble. They are thinking about discontinuing the Alpine A110, Talisman, Espace, and Scenic to cut costs. All of these models sell poorly. Could Renault, the maker of the legendary Megane RS hot hatch and cute Zoe EV, disappear completely? France thinks this is possible. They also must cut major costs in the next three years.

France's finance minister, Bruno Le Maire, is offering a 5 billion euro loan to keep them going. He, too, agrees that Renault is fading. Renault and Nissan will make an announcement about Renault's bleak future next Wednesday. We are dying to know what will happen, and hope that Renault will survive the pandemic.


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