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Genesis Will Finally Unveil The G80 March 30th

12:00 PM on March 30th, Genesis will finally lift the camo off the 2021 G80. It will be new inside and out, including the latest design cues from Genesis, and will share the GV80's powertrain options. Teasers basically revealed the sedan, and it will be sharp and bold.

It will have split headlights, which is new from Genesis. The new grille is like the G90, but smaller, and the lower grille connects with the fog lights.

The current version needs some updates.

The rear also has split taillights, and "Genesis" is on the trunk. The roofline is more coupe-like, which is becoming typical for Hyundai's sedans.

The teasers are completely clear in the interior, so it basically leaked.

There is no gearshift, and no buttons replacing it, so we'll see what that's about when it is revealed. The touchscreen is larger, and is very wide. The wood design is all over, which adds a luxurious feel. We cannot wait for the new G80 to come out, and it will surely be amazing.


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