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GM And Honda Create An Alliance To Develop Several EVs

While GM plans to transform the entire brand to electrification, Honda isn't really going anywhere with that subject, but they are bestsellers in the US. Just recently, GM and Honda have joined forces to create several EVs and share resources such as technology, engines (ICE and EV) and platforms. Honda and GM also plan to cover as many vehicle segments as they can. These jointly developed models are to arrive as soon as Q1 2021. Plans and development have already started.

The alliance isn't a full combination like Stellantis, but it is more similar to the Renault Nissan and Mitsubishi Alliance. The first two models on Honda's side of the spectrum should be EVs based on GM's Utlium battery modular platform, along with their OnStar infotainment systems. GM could also gain more sales with Honda's safety tech and reputation for being a trustworthy family brand.

We don't know exactly what these models will be, but the renderings shown below preview what enthusiasts hope will happen (the Cadillac Kei car and redesigned Chevy Volt aren't likely). We can't wait to see what becomes of this merger.

Honda Civic + Chevrolet Camaro (above) Honda Clarity + Chevrolet Volt (below)

Honda Pilot/Ridgeline + GMC Canyon (above) Cadillac CTS-V + Honda S660 (below)

Honda Odyssey + Chevrolet Malibu (above) Chevrolet Onix + Honda Fit (below)

Chevrolet sport sedan + Honda Insight (above)

Source Credits: Roadshow (info), CarBuzz (rendering images)


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