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GM Teases Their "Electric Future"

These are exciting times for GM, as their autonomous technology grows into reality, and as they set up plans for various electric models throughout their brands. In this teaser video, their new electric vehicle platform is shown with the outlines of several future models that will run on that platform. We recognize some of these rooflines.

As GM reveals their EV plans, it helps us identify most of the vehicles, but one is quite interesting. The first teaser is probably the next generation Chevrolet Bolt EV, which was announced recently. The second one really resembles a Camaro, so does that mean GM is trying to tell us that they have a Camaro EV coming?! That is exciting for Camaro, and would really promote it to a new level. Obviously, it will be a separate model. The third teaser is the anticipated GMC Hummer, which seems like it will be a silent powerhouse, according to the advertisements from a few months ago. The next teaser looks like it will be sharp, because all SUV coupes are cool. It could either be a Camaro crossover, which would be a reasonable answer to Ford's Mach E. Or, it could be one of Cadillac's upcoming EV's, most likely the Lyriq SUV. It has a separate teaser that resembles this outline. The last outline is definitely the Cruise Origin, which could look to challenge Uber. It is a wacky self-driving vehicle that resembles a mini bus. All of these future cars are exciting, and we cannot wait to see most of them.


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