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Honda Files For A Surprising Trademark

You may not know or remember, but Honda made a weird hybrid hatchback-ish coupe-ish vehicle called the CR-Z. It was supposed to be a late successor to the original CR-X, but it was an ultimate fail. They dropped it in 2016. But, a recently filed trademark reveals that this model could be coming back.

Honda recently introduced a small parade of changes to their 2021 US lineup, including the dropping of the Civic Coupe, Accord manual and Fit, a new Honda Civic sedan/hatchback, and the Odyssey minivan facelift. Could the CR-Z be joining the crew again?

The CR-Z could very likely be an EV, not a hybrid. After the Clarity Electric's discontinuation, Honda had no Tesla competitors left, so the chances of being an EV are high. Also, since the Fit hatchback is gone in the US market, the CR-Z could serve as its successor. It was a hatchback (and/or coupe) before so, once again, these chances are high.

We think that since the CR-Z was dropped four years ago, due to slow sales, Honda will have to totally reinvent the model by basing in on the HR-V and CR-V crossovers, with styling cues of the Insight. It could be more of a crossover-ish hatch, too, to battle Toyota's new Venza.

The CR-Z trademark could definitely be for a new model, but sometimes, automakers file trademarks to keep them away from other brands. So, we'll try not to keep our hopes up too high, but it sure is hard.

Images: Honda


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