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Honda Gives A Preview Of The All-New Civic Type R

As the performance hatchback segment continue to dwindle in the US, we're simply left with the Hyundai Veloster, Volkswagen Golf GTI and Golf R, and the Honda Civic Type R. This leaves the Civic Type R as the only Japanese hot hatch in the US at the moment, and things are about to get more exciting. Honda broke through to the top of the compact car market yet again with the new eleventh-generation Civic, but we're still waiting on the next Type R. Honda has given us a few teaser images of the new Civic Type R, which has the vehicle wrapped in red camouflage.

We can see that, as usual, the 2023 Type R is based on the Civic hatchback, in order to bring the best aerodynamics possible. Following the trend of the standard Civic, Honda substantially reduced the glut of artificial vents and splitters seen on the current model. But, the extensive rear wing remains, as does the gargantuan triple triple exhaust system. A sporty rear diffuser is flanked by sharp vertically-mounted reflectors, and body-colored bumpers should carry over. Short front and side splitters wear dynamic moldings to further highlight the sportiness. The last design element that we can see is the larger honeycomb grille and mesh lower intake.

Besides the two images, Honda said that the new Civic Type R is preparing for Nurburgring testing, so we'll probably get to see and hear it in action on various YouTube videos in the near future. In the second sentence of the short press release, Honda added that the performance hatchback will make its debut sometime next year.

How is the 2023 Civic Type R looking so far?

Images: Honda


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