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Honda Updates Their Odyssey Minivan

The Honda Odyssey gained a slightly needed refresh for the 2021 model year. That includes a revised front fascia, improved interior trim, and more tech.

The headlights are slightly different, and a silver line tops the headlights and grille. The grille no longer has a silver design through the grille, which makes it cleaner. The lower grille is a hexagon, rather than an edged semi-circle like before. The fog lights are thinner and smaller.

The rear is untouched, and the interior is almost the same.

There seems to be a new neon lighting option for the interior. New and improved tech features include tweaked climate controls, a simpler second-row seatback mechanism. In the EX trim, there are illuminated USB ports and tri-color floor mats.

The new Odyssey has been improved for 2021 to make it their best yet.


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