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If Tesla Cybertruck Fails To Sell, It Will Be Replaced

The Tesla Cybertruck was probably the most talked-about car ever, with people who don't know a thing about cars talking about it. The Cybertruck is unlike any other vehicle on the road, featuring connected LED strips in the front and rear, a minimalists interior, six seats, a stainless steel body, and bulletproof windows (although that feature isn't fully reliable).

Since it wasn't created upon other pickups on the market, sales might not last forever. Because of its popularity and unusualness, sales skyrocketed right after the reveal, but Tesla isn't sure this number will linger. If, and only if, this model doesn't succeed, it will be replaced with a more traditional pickup.

There isn't much to say since this replacement isn't definite, and the fact that the Cybertruck has a chance of success.


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