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Is This The Ford Fusion's Replacement?

As we all know, the Ford Fusion sedan will be discontinued, and rumors suggest that a new high-riding wagon-like vehicle might replace it. This image here is probably a test mule, but we get the idea that it will most likely be a rival of the Subaru Outback. For now, the public calls it the 'Fusion Active'.

Since this vehicle seems like a Ford Focus Wagon, which is sold in Europe, this test mule is probably not the exact version. The exact version might start to be spotted sometime next year, and the reveal may be stretched further than 2020, which makes this a possible 2022 model.

Speaking of replacements, rumors also suggest that this mysterious crossover below may be a Ford Puma, which was recently introduced overseas in Europe. If it were to premiere here, it would most likely replace the EcoSport. (It looks pretty sleek...)


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