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Jaguar Runs Out Of Battery Supply

Jaguar's new I-Pace electric entry level crossover has been running into problems with production. Jaguar's battery supply for their I-Pace, LG Chem, has encountered a shortage in its lithium-ion battery supply. In that case, Jaguar has temporarily stopped production of the I-Pace. The same problem has happened recently for Audi and their E-Tron SUV, which also relies on production of LG's batteries. The halt of production can cause problems if the shortage lasts any longer, since Jaguar found the I-Pace to be quite popular, reaching about 18,000 sales last year.

This represents a common problem faced with electric manufacturers, because EVs use more rare materials than regular vehicles. LG Chem did come across lawsuits with rival battery supplier SK Innovation last year, threatening LG Chem's battery production. Jaguar will hopefully start up I-Pace production again soon.


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