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Jeep Teases Its First All-Electric SUV

This week, Stellentis has held yet another EV-focused presentation, Dare Forward 2030. The event primarily discussed the automaker's strategic shift towards electrification, and how it plans to double its revenue with EVs by 2030. However, we have also been provided a sneak peek of Jeep's first fully electric SUV.

This EV appears to be the rumored SUV that was slated to slot below the Renegade in Jeep's lineup. If this is true, that means it will likely share its underpinnings with other Stellantis electric SUVs from the likes of Opel, Alfa Romeo, and Fiat. It may not look as rough-and-tumble as the Wrangler or Cherokee, as it adopts the dynamic styling of many other compact SUVs, but we think this particular model aims to appeal to European buyers. Stellantis hasn't confirmed exactly where this EV will be sold, but we do know that it is slated for an early 2023 release.

Stellantis says that more information on this stylish SUV will be disclosed before a full reveal. As for Jeep's electric future, we will be seeing a plethora of new Jeep EVs before 2025 arrives, including all-electric equivalents to the Grand Cherokee L and Wrangler.

What do you think about an electric Jeep?

Images: Jeep


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