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Kia Concept EV9 Makes Its Debut In LA

Ever since Kia revealed the EV6 small crossover earlier this year, information on the next addition to its electric lineup has been kept mostly secret. The silence has now been shattered with the Concept EV9, which provides a sneak peek of the next electric Kia model.

The production EV9 will essentially be an electric iteration of the widely popular Telluride SUV. However, it will introduce bolder styling inside and out with the new 'Opposites United' design philosophy from the EV6 and Sportage. The Concept EV9 is built on the brand's e-GMP modular platform, which will underpin all electric Kia models in the future. The EV9's commitment to sustainability is clearly shown in the cabin, where you'll see up cycled materials found in the ocean. This concept's overall design is inspired by nature, and represents the 'Bold for Nature' side of Kia's 'Opposites United' styling. It takes the Telluride's boxy shape for a rugged look, and adds unique elements to differentiate it from competitors and its gas-powered sibling. It has rather high ground clearance, emphasizing its tall roof, and creating a rather roomy interior. To maximize air flow, the roof rails are retractable and sink into the roof when not being used. The "crystalline" styling applied to the exaggerated fenders adds width to the EV9's extensive height, bringing out a strong, capable look. As for actual dimensions, the Concept EV9 measures 194 inches long, 81 inches wide, and 70 inches high. All of these measurements slightly undercut the Telluride's own dimensions, but the flat floor from the battery should make up for it.

Machined 22-inch rims continue the strong, rugged design. Stylish triangular aero pieces applied to the rims control air flow around the wheels. That triangular design is the focal point of the EV9's rear end, and is evident with the rear side windows, geometric body sculpting, and boxy D-pillar. The dynamic taillights go well with the rear design, and feature a cool daylight opening signature.

In the world of EV's grilles are a thing of the past. In most cases, the grille has become the sole part of the vehicle that makes it recognizable. Kia's tiger nose grille is a perfect example, and has gone digital on the EV9. This design element contains an illuminated star cloud pattern that is hidden behind the vehicle's front body panel when not in use. This takes the tiger nose grille beyond a functional air inlet, transforming it into the most high-tech part of the EV9's design. The lighting pattern serves as an inviting welcome light, as well as the main headlights. Decreasing the size of the grille dramatically decreases the mass of the front end, which affectively increases the vehicle's aerodynamics. Additionally, its thin shape houses a solar panel that makes the most out of the EV9's electric energy. The solar panel is a saving grace for situations where there are no nearby charging stations.

The EV9 offers a comfortable, high-tech interior where passengers in all three rows can stretch out in style. It adopts the same 'Bold for Nature' design direction as the exterior, and is inspired by the beauty of 'nature, movement, and stillness.' Looking up, the full-length DLO panoramic roof further connects the occupants to the outdoors. A large 27-inch full-width display integrates technology into the interior's natural feel. It includes multimedia and comfit features, as well as digital climate control. The innovative steering wheel, called a steering 'pad,' pops out for the driver when needed. Kia's creativity with the EV9's interior doesn't stop there, though. Three interior modes reflect the look and feel of different environments and situations, especially when the vehicle is not in motion. When you are in motion, Active Mode ensures that all of the necessary features are available for any long journey. When at standstill, that's when the Concept EV9 shines. Pause Mode turns the cabin into a 'first-class lounge,' and turns the driver and front passenger seats around. This way, they can directly interact with the third-row occupants. The second-row seats fold into a long table, basically turning the space into a room. Enjoy Mode allows the third-row passengers to enjoy (pun intended) the outdoors by opening the liftgate and turning the seats around.

The Concept EV9 has an outstanding 300-mile range, but when the battery percentage does run low, very fast charging speeds will get you from 10 to 80 percent in about 25 minutes. Kia definitely has another winner in store with the Concept EV9, and we can't wait to see how the production version turns out. For now, you can check out this concept at the Los Angeles Auto Show or AutoMobility LA from November 17th to 28th.

Do you think the Concept EV9 would make a competitive electric SUV?

Images: Kia

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22 de nov. de 2021

Speaking of Auto Shows, you have the wrong dates listed for the Philadelphia event. It's March 5-13th if you could please update. Thank you.


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