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Kia, Honda, and VW Receive New Logos

Kia's new logo still says 'KIA', but it is not as obvious now. The new version is twisty and bendy. It was first previewed in the Imagine concept at the 2019 Geneva show, and Kia has filed trademarks for it since. It will start appearing on models in red and/or black, and it was spotted on a real model in silver.

This new logo will refresh the look of Kia badges, and is way more creative than before.

And now, on to VW's new logo. It is not as different as Kia, but it is thinner and more simplified. The color scheme is the same, almost, with a white logo and a simple blue or black background. There is no more silver, and the inside of the logo will no longer be blue, it will be the same color as the car. Also, the logo can also be shown in a simple blue with a white background, basically a backwards version of the one that was previously described. Here is the difference:

New (above), and old (below).

The new VW logo is reportedly available now, and will make its main appearance in the upcoming VW Golf lineup.

Spoiler alert: Honda is not changing its main logo. It changed the logo of its Honda Fit in October, at the reveal of the next generation, which is a game-changer, considering how boring the current one is. The new logo used to be more creative (and cute), featuring a puffy font with a colorful dot on the 'i'. Now, to be more modern, the new badge literally looks like this: FIT

That is how simple it is. The new Fit is cuter, bigger, and more practical, with two-tone color options, a sporty (and even more cute) Home version, and a hybrid version. The Fit looks less like a typical Honda, which is good because it sets a personality for the car. Who knows, maybe this redesign will push up sales?

(For more information on the upcoming Fit, check back in a few weeks to read our upcoming article.)


Feb 12, 2020

I went on Saturday. It was a great show.


Feb 11, 2020

Love the Kia logo. Very slick and modern. And the new simplified VW logo is great!!!


Feb 11, 2020

Are you going to this year's Philadelphia Auto Show?


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