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Kia Teases Its Exciting Electric Future

Kia is transforming from boring to innovative and stylish. The K5, Telluride, Soul, Sorento, and Seltos all represent that. But, EVs are also part of this transformation and Kia teased all seven of them. They are more than half of the eleven new cars coming from Kia in the near future. This series of EVs is going to be fully in motion by 2025. The first of these cars will arrive next year. It is a crossover-ish hatchback codenamed 'CV', and will be fully dedicated, unlike the Niro and Soul EV, meaning it won't be based on a current nameplate. It will also reveal Kia's new design language. The 'CV' could also be the new Futuron, based on the Imagine Concept.

All of Kia's forthcoming EVs will receive "the same competitive product quality and eye-catching design as Kia's other vehicles", and will have "high-performance driving and recharging characteristics." They will also charge up to 20 to 80 percent within a short twenty minutes. Going back to the teaser image, we notice that about 95% of these models seem to be different variations of crossovers. But, we also see what looks like a sports sedan and hatchback. We also think that the next generation Niro crossover is hiding in there somewhere.

Expect the 'CV', as well as the other six EVs, will debut between 2021 and 2025.

Source Credits: CarBuzz


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