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Kia Teases Nine EVs With New Design During Presentation

Kia hit it out of the park in 2020, and it looks like they're ready to repeat it in 2021. During a live-stream on YouTube, Kia unveiled their future plans and new brand identity. They will also go through some name changes throughout their lineup. Along with the new logo, Kia has changed their official name from 'Kia Motors' to just 'Kia'. Also, the slogan has been switched to 'Movement That Inspires'.

Kia promises seven new EV models by 2027, and two more to come later. The variety of new electric vehicles includes SUVs and crossovers, sedans, MPVs, and much more, all designed to cover long ranges and charge quickly. These models will be underpinned by the e-GMP (Electric-Global Modular) platform that will also power EVs from Hyundai and Genesis. The first EV to be revealed is a 'next-generation battery electric vehicle' that is set to be revealed in the first quarter of this year. Two additional EVs have been teased; a Telluride-like SUV and a small crossover that should replace the Niro EV and Soul EV. Kia also discussed an "agile and dynamic machine," which looks like a performance coupe. All of these electric models will be named EV 1 to EV 9.

Kia aims for all nine EVs to count as 500,000 global sales by 2026. This is considered a huge expansion, since the only EVs in Kia's current lineup are the Soul EV and Niro. Kia is also partnering with several companies, including a ride-hailing service in Southeast Asia called Grab, to make transportation more eco-friendly. Kia concludes their presentation with a commitment to their customers, "We want out products to deliver an instinctive and natural experience that can improve the daily lives of our customers."

Image Credits: Kia


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