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Larger Porsche SUV To Slot Above Cayenne

Porsche's twin SUV models, the Cayenne and Macan, saved the automaker from falling sales numbers when they were first launched in 2002 and 2013. However, some customers find both luxury utilities pretty cramped, especially in the rear seats and cargo area. That problem will soon be solved with a third Porsche SUV, according to dealers.

The new model is reportedly longer and wider than the Cayenne, and will be roomy enough to offer seven seats. Codenamed 'Landjet,' this will completely transform the image of the Porsche crossover. One dealer described it as "very un-Porsche-like," and "not anything like the Cayenne and Macan." The new model will initially be sold as a plug-in hybrid, with a fully electric version coming later. This large Porsche SUV isn't arriving anytime soon, though, as dealers predict a reveal in the second half of this decade.

the 'Landjet' is apparently being developed under Project Artemis, which is administered by Audi, and is overseeing the development of several electric models for VW Group. Of all the vehicles in this project, the 'Landjet' will represent the pinnacle of electric mobility for the company. Therefore, expect extravagant luxury features in all three rows, and just as much performance to go with it.

Whether you're excited for a larger Porsche or not, a company spokesperson expressed doubt over the 'Landjet.' They stated that this project is currently in the 'Porsche Unseen' stage, where "a majority of which don't make it beyond the ideas stage." Consequently, Porsche itself doesn't now whether this SUV will get the green light for production. This is despite the fact that the automaker presented prototypes to dealers. Even if the 'Landjet' doesn't make it to reality, the Cayenne and Macan will still rake in major earnings for Porsche.

Would you be interested in a three-row Porsche?

Images: Porsche


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