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Lexus Reveals Their All-New Touchscreen Interface In The 2022 NX

Lexus has always been known as a very reliable luxury brand, but their slow touchpad infotainment systems ruined the experience for many owners. The redesigned 2022 NX crossover brought along many innovations to transform Lexus, and one of them is an all-new touchscreen infotainment system that will appear in future Toyota and Lexus models.

This revolutionary new system is called Lexus Interface, and it introduces many features never seen before in a Lexus. Interface was developed completely by the luxury automaker, and will offer different sizes starting at eight inches and reaching fourteen inches. The new infotainment system is made up of optically bonded screens, giving a smartphone impression. The screen also features glare reducing technology for easy navigation on a sunny day, especially for the next RC and LC coupes. Lexus Interface also has five times more processing power compared to older software, bringing a faster and more responsive user experience. New animations add more interest to the system as well.

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto wireless connectivity (above)

The biggest feature in the new touchscreen is the ability for the driver to give voice commands, which is the "primary way occupants interact with the new multimedia system." This helps Lexus compete with Mercedes and BMW, since they both have integrated Alexa voice recognition in their infotainment displays. The advanced voice command feature can even understand common interjections in the natural language. Activation of this feature includes wake-up commands such as "hi," "hello," or "okay." Noise cancellation tech also helps the system to be able to hear the passenger in a noisy environment.

Lexus has also included an all-new navigation display in Interface, which uses Google data for points of interest and other information, which can compete with Apple and Android navigation tools that drivers are comfortable with. "100% cloud capability" allows quick and easy control over the maps and navigation. Additionally, the system has an offline mode for navigation to prevent loss of connection in areas with less wifi, where it senses that the vehicle is approaching a low-connection area and downloads other services prior to losing internet connection.

Like other new infotainment systems, Interface supports OTA (over-the-air) updates. Lexus said that they will make sure to send updates bit-by-bit, so that the changes aren't too overwhelming to the driver. Instead, minor fixes will come one-by-one to improve the look and feel of Lexus Interface. OTA updates are always coming in handy with new cars, since they keep the experience from becoming outdated, and add features like autonomous driving capabilities to compete with their close rivals.

Another Interface benefit is an entire team that works to keep your privacy and personal information safe. More information on that will be revealed at a later date. Interface also includes Service Connect and Safety Connect tools that give out vehicle health reports and provide a "24/7 emergency response agent" that can help out with finding a stolen car or for other urgent matters. Another popular feature that Interface introduces is a digital key. It give owners the ability to remotely lock, unlock, start, and stop their vehicle with Bluetooth connectivity. It can also be shared with up to seven users at a time. Lexus even improved the audio and radio for the new Interface, as the AM and FM music is joined by standard SiriusXM audio, as well as music streamers like Amazon Music and Apple Music. Lexus user profiles collect your preferences such as radio stations and temperature in the cloud. This makes it easy for each driver to share the same car, but with settings that benefit them separately.

Lexus seems to be working hard to reach the pinnacle of vehicle technology, and the new Interface touchscreen helps a lot, replacing the annoying touchpad system. They stated that Interface will appear in all future models no matter what, and Toyota will launch a similar infotainment system later this year. We can't wait to see how this improves the NX and other future Lexus cars.

Source Credits: Lexus

Video: Carscoops via Lexus YouTube


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