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Lexus TX Three-Row Coming In 2023 With Unibody Architecture

Lexus's SUV lineup is quite large, ranging from the UX subcompact to the flagship LX. However, its three-row offerings are weak, and dealers want this to change. Currently, the brand's only unibody three-row is the RXL, which is an extended version of the midsize RX. Those who want a roomier third row will have to jump for the truck-based GX and LX SUVs, but this can compromise everyday performance and fuel economy.

A report from Automotive News says that Lexus is planning a solution to this problem with a new crossover called the TX. The TX will be larger than the cramped RX L, but it will be based on a unibody platform, unlike the larger GX and LX. According to several trademarks in recent years, the TX is expected to offer both hybrid and PHEV options alongside a traditional gas powertrain.

Meanwhile, Toyota could be introducing a similar vehicle called the Grand Highlander, and it will solve a similar issue in the automaker's huge SUV lineup. Automotive News reached out to Toyota, though the company refuses to confirm the two new models.

It is difficult to determine which platform the TX and Grand Highlander will use. It would make sense for the latter to be based on the smaller Highlander, but the latest version of that SUV released in 2019. Whether or not the Grand Highlander rides on this architecture, we are almost positive that the Lexus TX will utilize the same platform.

One thing we do know, however, is when the two SUVs will release. The Toyota is expected reach dealers in mid-2023, with the Lexus launching six months later. When the SUVs do arrive, the Grand Highlander could compete in the same midsize three-row segment as the Highlander, while the TX has its sights set on the larger Mercedes GLS and BMW X7.

Like we said before, Toyota hasn't yet confirmed the Grand Highlander or its Lexus counterpart, but we know that important SUVs like these are more likely to happen than a sedan or coupe.

Do you think adding another SUV is a good idea for Lexus and Toyota?

Images: Toyota, Lexus


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