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Looks Like Fiat Is Now Selling One Model In The US

Fiat's return to the US in 2011 was exciting for buyers who wanted a tiny car that wasn't a Smart ForTwo. They later added the 500X crossover, 500L microvan, and Miata-based 124 Spider convertible, expanding their range of customers. But, they discontinued the failing 500 here in the US just about a year ago. We were left with three models. Now, we will only have one model, because the 500L and 124 Spider are being discontinued for 2021.

The Fiat 500L was a strange car, but it worked. The longer wheelbase allowed for more trunk space, while still being a compact car. But, the 500X is sort of similar, so future buyers won't miss out completely. What we will miss, though, is the fun, little 124 Spider. Based on the Mazda MX-5 Miata, it was a cute convertible with Italian flair. It also offered a sporty Abarth variant, and it was the last of its kind. Mazda's Miata and other affordable convertibles don't offer performance versions.

Fiat could leave the US market altogether if the 500X doesn't hold up. At least 10,000 Fiats were sold last year, and that number is only decreasing. With just the 500X, we could see sales plummet to 2,000 or less. Fiat still seems to have hope, though, because a new model called the 500XL will replace the 500X in 2022. It should be a small crossover, yet bigger than the 500X.

Image Credits: Fiat


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