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Mercedes S-Class Front Revealed In Teaser

We already saw several leaked images of the exterior and interior, so we already know what it looks like. But, we don't know if it will have a hybrid or EV variant, or when the Maybach trim is debuting.

From the leaked images, we know that the headlights are thinner, and the grille is slightly bigger with a different pattern. Also, the vertical taillights are replaced by horizontal ones, which is a new trend for the brand.

The interior is not as pretty as before, with a ginormous infotainment screen, much like the concepts. This example does not have a wood finish, so we hope that will be an option.

Besides the huge screen, it will be loaded with tech, such as active suspension and level 3 autonomous driving. It will be powered by the same V12 as the older model.

Source Credits: Motor1

Images: Mercedes

Spy Shots: Unknown


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