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Mid-Engined BMW Test Mule Spotted, What Could It Be?

After BMW chopped the futuristic i8 sports car, a mid-engined vehicle was missing in the lineup. Also, Chevrolet raised sales indefinitely by producing a mid-engined sports car with a lower base price (C8 Corvette). A mysterious test mule has been spotted in Germany wearing minimal camouflage. It also has vents around the rear wheel and rear windows. That could spell 'mid engine'.

We do know BMW canceled the anticipated i8 replacement, so it can't be that. The fact hat this is an 8 Series can also mean that either BMW is planning a mid-engine version of the 8 Series, or the next generation of the flagship coupe will have the engine in the back. Also, what if the i8 replacement's cancelation was false?

The car reportedly had a different engine sound than other BMWs, so this is definitely going to be something different, but that difference is too early to clearly identify.

Source Credits: CarBuzz (info), The Drive, Motor Authority (images)


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