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Mini Concept Aceman Showcases Brand's New Design Language

Mini's evolved design direction has made its debut in the form of the Aceman Concept, a small all-electric crossover that will eventually spawn a production vehicle to slot in between the Cooper and Countryman. In fact, the Aceman serves as a sneak peek of the styling that will be making its way into all future Minis.

This new design philosophy is known as Charismatic Simplicity, highlighting the most iconic elements from Mini vehicles for an instantly recognizable look. The Aceman also displays some more futuristic details, including an illuminated Union Jack signature on the front fascia, surrounded by a green light strip that outlines where the grille should be. Another forward-thinking characteristic is the headlights, which feature geometric DRLs instead of the rounded units seen on outgoing Minis. At the rear, the taillights retain their Union Jack lighting signatures.

The Aceman Concept wears an interesting shade of Icy Sunglow Green, though most will notice that this color gives off more of a blue tint. The roof is painted in metallic British Racing Green, with multi-colored roof racks that take the shape of the Union Jack.

To emphasize the Aceman's athletic crossover body style, edgy black cladding covers the bumpers and wheel arches, and the wheel wells are sculpted into a squarer shape. Those wheel wells house sizable 20-inch wheels, with each five spokes curving deeply inward to meet the center cap, creating a remarkable effect at standstill.

In the concept's cabin, a minimalist look meets innovative technology, with a circular OLED display that harks back to the interior of the original Mini. This display manages all vehicle controls, including instrumentation. Unlike current Mini models, this screen takes a completely circular shape with very thin bezels, which is an industry first. The Aceman's few physical controls reside below the multimedia screen in the form of toggle switches, including the gear and drive mode selectors, audio controls, and brake toggle.

In terms of design, the interior surfaces are flat and clean with stitched geometric patterns to add some personality. Like most other electric concepts, there is no leather to be seen. Instead, knitted textile takes its place.

The real wow factor inside the Aceman is a projector that can display information directly onto the dashboard, including a map. This feature can also be used for stylistic purposes, projecting clouds or colorful lettering onto the dash and door panels.

When walking up to the concept, the vehicle uses sensors to activate its welcome lighting signature, which increases in brightness as the occupants get closer. The lights are accompanied by sounds from the exterior speakers, which also grow in intensity as its driver approaches. Upon reaching the vehicle, the headlights wink, and the doors project light onto the ground. Finally, an arrangement of colorful lighting fills the dashboard and infotainment screen with a welcome message that reads "Hey Friend."

The Aceman will make its first public appearance in Cologne, Germany at Gamescon, a video-game-themed event that begins on August 23.

Do you think the Aceman presents a promising future for Mini?

Images: Mini


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