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Mystery Ford Mustang Mach E Test Mule Caught Drifting

We don't always know what automakers are testing, whether it's at the track or on the road; or next to the woods, as is the case for this mysterious Mustang Mach E. As you can see in the video taken at the North Carolina Center for Automotive Research, the car is stripped down. Some body panels, including the front fascia, are missing. The car is also drifting, and smoke is shooting out. The engine, or whatever it is, sounds awesome. The thing is, it's an electric car.

This video is a bit hard to figure out at first, since the person recording the video seems to be in the woods... they were probably trying not to get caught by Ford.

We don't know what this is. Nobody knows, actually. We have a few guesses on what it is, though. There are some extra parts attached to the crossover that seem a bit to big. In that case, this isn't the Mach E we know right now. This might be a new Shelby or GT500 model, but if Ford isn't involved, there might be some kind of Mach E makeover that someone else is working on. We'll see what this is in a few years.

Video: Carolina Guy via YouTube

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13 июл. 2020 г.

I'd love to be a test driver. Looks fun!


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