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New Mercedes AMG GT Black Series Is Going To Be Awesome

Mercedes will soon offer a cooler, faster (and way more expensive) variant of its AMG GT performance coupe. It will have limited numbers, so act fast if it sounds like your dream car.

The Black Series has been around before, but this one seems to be more exclusive. It is arriving along with a hybrid version of the AMG GT 4 Door. The 4 door and the CLS coupe are both being discontinued soon. Basically, they are cancelling each other out, since they are quite similar.

These spy shots provide the only sneak peek of what is to come. We do not know when to expect it, but we can assume it will be unveiled later this year at the earliest. The AMG GT Black Series will likely have a special interior, a bigger grille, black chrome trim all around (why else would it be called Black Series) along with a huge spoiler and new fog lights. This is all we know for now.

Source Credits: Car and Driver

Image Credits: Mercedes, Motor1


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