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New Nissan Armada Teased, Reveal Coming Soon

The Nissan Armada is aging very fast, and the Nissan Patrol revealed late last year gave us a sneak peek of the next Armada. The automaker has just released a teaser showing bits and pieces of the facelifted SUV.

The dusty teaser video shows the front and rear of the 2021 Armada, and the changes seem to be what we expected, like modernized headlights inspired by the Titan, updated bumpers and trimmings, as well as new taillights. We also expect an updated interior with a new infotainment screen and technology, as well as updated colors and materials. The engine could be upgraded, but we hope that, if Nissan does change out some mechanical parts, we hope that they don't drop in a CVT. What we know from the teaser is that there is a new roof spoiler above the taillights, and a refreshed grille. Everything else remains pretty much the same.

The 2021 Nissan Armada will be unveiled on December 8th at 11:00 EST, along with the updated Kicks crossover. This will be the last big reveal from Nissan in 2020, but the exciting reveals won't stop there. We are still waiting for the new Pathfinder SUV and Frontier truck, as well as the production versions of the 400Z and GT-R sports cars.

Video Credits: Carscoops via YouTube

Image Credits: Nissan, Autoblog, CarBuzz


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