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New Volkswagen Taos To Slot Under Tiguan

Volkswagen has a decent amount of crossovers, with the Atlas filling in the large SUV segment, and The Tiguan and Atlas Cross Sport covering the midsize segment. The upcoming ID4 should also take over the EV side of the spectrum. But, they are missing the most popular kind of crossover: the subcompact SUV. Luckily, VW is looking to change that. They have teased a new small crossover named 'Taos'. Also, VW claims that it was developed specifically for the North American market.

No details were exposed, but we expect it to share its platform with the Tiguan, which is underpinned by the MQB platform. It will seat five occupants, and compete with the Kia Seltos, Chevrolet Trailblazer, Hyundai Kona, Ford Escape, and Nissan Rogue Sport. The car will be revealed on October 13th, so we won't be waiting for long.

Source Credits: CarBuzz


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