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Nissan 400Z Nismo, Cabriolet Envisioned In Cool Renderings

Currently, the Nissan 370Z sports car takes the role of the brand's Z car, and although it's still a great car, it is a decade old. The 400Z will replace the ancient car in 2023, and the Z Proto concept previews the next chapter of the Z car's history. The 370Z is currently available in coupe form, as the Roadster body style was dropped last year. The 370Z also offers the sporty Nismo variant, which is Nissan's performance sub-brand. These renderings below envision what a 400Z Nismo and convertible would look like.

The Nismo rendering is great. The large exhaust pipes and red bumpers and lines are perfectly captured, and they go well with the Z Proto. Same goes for the Roadster. This body style will be a smart move, luring buyers from Mazda, Fiat, and even BMW. Will Nissan build these variants? We hope so, but we won't find out until 2023.

Source Credits: CarBuzz (images)


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