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Nissan Is Giving Up On Vans In The US

Nissan has had problems lately, with sales down last year, plus the mess left behind from former CEO Carlos Ghosn. Nissan is to sacrifice some models as part of their cost-cutting plan, and this includes the discontinuation of their passenger and cargo vans in America. The Maxima sedan will also reportedly be on the chopping block in 2023.

The NV and NV200 vans have enjoyed increased sales numbers in 2019. 18,768 examples of the NV large van and 20,022 examples of the more compact NV200. Meanwhile Ford has sold 153,868 Transits. In that case, Ford makes up 50% of the US van segment, while Nissan takes up just 8 percent. This makes the NV and NV200 models unnecessary.

Nissan's cost cutting plans are to reduce Nissan's 69 models to 55. This leaves room for 11 more of Nissan's cars to get scrapped. Also, some of you re probably wondering what NYC will do, since the NV200 is now a popular taxi there. We think that since Renault and Nissan are a team, and Renault is great with small vans, a rebadged version of the Kangoo or Trafic will arrive within the next few years.

We don't know exactly when these two models will disappear, but it should be rather soon.

Source Credits: CarBuzz


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