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Nissan's Titan Pickup Is On Shaky Ground

Nissan is restructuring the lineup, leaving out unprofitable models and replacing them with new, more practical models. The Versa, 370Z, LEAF and Maxima are already victims, and now it seems that the slow-selling Titan pickup could be added to that list. It just isn't good enough for Ford, GMC, Toyota, Chevrolet, or Ram, making it a slow-selling and weak model. It also has been facelifted very recently, but that didn't seem to help as Ford and Ram's sales just keep rising. The big pickup was already axed in Canada, were pickups are also quite popular, so it wouldn't be surprising for the Titan to be dropped here in the US as well.

In the US market, Nissan holds a weak 1.2 percent of the pickup truck segment. Plus, the fact that the Frontier is more popular and Nissan's financial hardships are not helping at all.

More profitable models that could indirectly replace the Titan are the new Rogue, Ariya, Sentra, Pathfinder, Frontier and Rogue Sport. If the Titan is discontinued, we don't know if it will be replaced by another pickup, or if Nissan is giving up on large pickups altogether. So, with the Titan gone in Canada, could that preview what will happen for the US?

Source Credits: CarBuzz


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