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Nissan Teases EVERY SINGLE Future Model In Video!

Nissan recently announced their revival strategy with Renault and Mitsubishi. This spawned the Nissan Next A to Z video that previews every new model coming in the next few years. For some reason, it really had us excited.

The new Z car is the star of the show, but there are 10 other new models coming as well. The silhouettes of the vehicles during the clip, and their names flashing onto the screen at the end sort of reveals what is in the video. The new Z car kind of leaked in the video, and we hope this is the finished product. It is probably the best-looking Z ever.

The vehicles in the video include the Ariya, Armada, Frontier, Kicks, Navara, Note, Pathfinder, Qashquai, Rogue, Terra, and 400Z. The Terra, Navara, and Qashquai aren't coming to the US. The Note might not either, since the current generation was just discontinued in the US, since the new Versa sedan sells more. The new Qashquai could come here as the Rogue Sport. Also, a small crossover rushing past 'M' was noticed. It could either be a new model, or the Murano is downsizing big-time in its next generation. All of these cars preview a new design language. Plus, if you notice there are no sedans in this teaser, you are right. This is because the whole sedan lineup was overhauled last year. The Maxima sedan will be discontinued after 2023.


Since the Ariya Concept debuted last year, Nissan has confirmed a production version. It will serve as an example of Nissan's EV design language. Could this spawn a new Leaf? Maybe. The production version is expected next year, with not that many changes to it.


The Nissan Armada was last redesigned in 2016, so it is in need of a refresh. The Patrol SUV previews the new Armada. It has been spied recently with light camo only covering the front and rear fascias. It could be right around the corner.


The Nissan Frontier is very, VERY outdated. Evidence: it has been around since 2003. It is in need of a complete overhaul, which is what it will get next year. It will also spawn a Nismo model. It will be based on the Patrol SUV. It will compete a lot better, and will also experience a huge increase in size and pricing.


The Nissan Kicks replaced the funky Juke crossover in 2018. It is cute and afforable, but isn't a winner when it comes to style. The 2021 Kicks was already revealed in Asia with e-Power hybrid technology. It has much-needed styling tweaks as well. It will come here in the next year or two.


It is newer than the Frontier, but will be identical to it next year. It will be a bit more hardcore as it always has, but there isn't much else to say.


The Note hatchback served as the Versa Note here in the US, until the new Versa came as a sedan-only model. The Note will be majorly updated in other markets, and won't reesmble the Versa anymore. In fact, it seems to be a separate model now.


The Nissan Pathfinder was last redesigned in 2013 looking much different than its off-road predecessor. Now, the new one seems ready to compete in its overcrowded segment with more space, and a newer design, as well as getting back to its off-road roots. It won't resemble the Terra as much as we thought.


The Qashquai is known as the Rogue Sport here in the US, and the Rogue Sport was just tweaked this year, but it is just as outdated as it's always been. The Qashquai always receives updates a few years prior to the Rogue Sport, so expect the update to come in 2022 or later with a hybrid powertrain.


The Rogue is currently Nissan's bestselling crossover, but it needs an update. It leaked recently, and it is bigger, smarter, and more stylish than ever. Expect it later this year.


The Terra is Nissan's family SUV in various other markets. The Pathfinder might be more rated to the Terra than it currently is. If it came to the US, it would likely be called the XTerra. Think of the new Terra as a 2021 Pathfinder with a higher ride height, and other specifications for the areas it is sold in.


Nissan's new Z car will have retro vibes, a new engine, new, sharper shape, and more exciting features. It will hopefully look exactly like the example in the teaser. This is probably one of the most anticipated cars on the planet right now.

Image Credits: Nissan, Wikipedia, Avarvarii, Autoblog, Burlappcar


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