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Nissan Teases Two US-Built Electric Sedans

Nissan recently held a livestream event at its Canton production facility in Mississippi, where we got a cryptic sneak peek at two stylish electric sedans. Both are slated to enter production in 2025, and will spark the company's ambitious goal to release 23 Nissan and Infiniti EVs by 2030. This goal, aptly named Nissan Ambition 2030, also aims for these BEVs to represent 40% of overall sales between 2025 and 2030.

Nissan hasn't disclosed any specific details on the pair of EVs previewed at the event, but we do know that one will fall under Nissan's lineup, while the other will be an Infiniti. We expect these two EVs to share the same underpinnings, with the Infiniti serving as a more luxurious version of the Nissan. This falls in line with Nissan's announcement last year that Infiniti will essentially become a 'Nissan-Plus.'

In order to accommodate its big batch of EVs in the coming years, Nissan plans to invest $500 million in its Canton, Mississippi factory, which currently builds the Frontier, Titan, and Altima. This investment will save about 2,000 jobs, and transform the plant into a major EV-making facility. Canton will begin production of Nissan EVs in 2025, likely starting with the Nissan and Infiniti sedan duo.

Are you looking forward to seeing these new EVs?

Images: Nissan


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