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Porsche Announces The Taycan Sport Turismo Crossover

It is slated to arrive late this year as a 2021 model, and is another variant of the Taycan that could boost sales. An Electric powertrain in a durable performance SUV is definitely something that will succeed in the near future.

Compared to the Taycan, it has more SUV-like details that set it apart from the performance sedan, and is raised higher than the Taycan to give it an off-road ready look. The coupe-like profile and extended lightbar add more flair, but we just wish it had flush door handles.

The Cross Turismo will receive the same powertrains as the Taycan, which makes sense. We should see the 4S, Turbo, and Turbo S trims later this year, with approximately 530 to 761 horsepower. We cannot wait for Porsche's latest EV to start rolling off the assembly line.

Source Credits: Car And Driver


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