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Production Toyota Mirai Makes Its Spy Debut Looking Identical To The Concept

Last year, Toyota released a design concept to preview the next Mirai hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle. The current offering looks like it came from another planet, so no one buys it. Next year, the new Mirai will arrive, and this production-ready spy prototype looks just as fancy as the concept.

The Lexus-like front end, long hood and sloping roofline match the concept's rear wheel drive looks. The luxurious interior is the same as well.

Toyota said that the new model will show a 30% increase in range over the outgoing model's 310 miles. They also listed that the 2021 Mirai will offer a 12.3" touchscreen, 14-speaker sound system and more. Hydrogen-powered vehicles are definitely underrated, since they combine the zero-emission technology of EVs with the go-anywhere range of ICE (internal combustion engine) vehicles. Toyota aims to change that with the attractive styling. We'll have to see how this car appeals to customers.

Source Credits: Motor1


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