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Reborn Ram Dakota Might Have Been Cancelled

After the rise of the compact truck segment with the reintroduction of the Ford Ranger in the US, FCA has seemingly been pressured into created their own small pickup. The Jeep Gladiator is the only compact or midsize truck from Stellantis that is available in the US, and it has great off-road (and on-road) performance like any other Jeep, but not every truck owner wants a pickup truck that looks like the Wrangler. The Dodge Dakota compact was dropped in 2011, and sources stated a few years back that the new truck would be manufactured and sold by Ram, using the Dakota name. It sounded perfect.

But, recent reports state that, as Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares examines all future projects under the company's thirteen automakers, plans of the Ram Dakota have been cancelled. This isn't confirmed news yet, since GM Authority claims this as of now, so don't be disappointed just yet. If the Dakota really isn't happening, then it will be the first future model to be cancelled under Stellantis.

Also, there are still so may choices in the compact truck segment, such as the Chevrolet Colorado, GMC Canyon, Toyota Tacoma, Honda Ridgeline, redesigned Nissan Frontier, and the upcoming Ford Maverick. The reason behind the Dakota's cancellation is unknown at the moment, but we can guess that Stellantis is rushing to get their EVs and future guidelines out there, after seeing what Ford and GM have been promising.

Source Credits: CarBuzz

Image Credits: Dodge


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