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Rivian R2R Off Roader Coming

Even before the Rivian R1T and R1S were definite, Rivian knew exactly what would come after, the R2R. The R1T and R1S run on their first platform, R1, and the R2R will run on the upcoming R2 platform. It will resemble the R1T and R1S by the headlights and taillights, but everthing else will be new. We won't see it for awhile, because it could be delayed.

Rivian has been busy lately, dealing with coronavirus delays, and investments with Ford and Amazon.

The R2R will be a rally inspired off roader, and 'R' likely stands for 'rally'. It will cross between a CUV and wagon, like the Subaru Outback. It will likely pack 500 horsepower, and sources say it will be an all wheel drive vehicle with four motors. And, obviously, it will be electric. Off-road capability is what Rivian does, so this R2R should be easy to engineer. Last year, Rivian showed off the R1T truck pulling off a zero-radius "tank turn", which is an impressive trick made possible by each of the truck's four wheels, which are independently powered electric drive motors.

Like all Rivian models, it will have quad motors, but lower output than the R1T and R1S.

Source Credits: CarBuzz


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