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The 2023 Honda HR-V Will Arrive On April 4

The HR-V is Honda's smallest SUV, though sales are quite the opposite of small, with 137,090 sold in 2021. It's been about eight years since the HR-V was first revealed, so the subcompact crossover is long overdue for a redesign. Honda has confirmed that the next-generation 2023 HR-V will be revealed on April 4 with a completely new design and a more spacious cabin.

Like every other Honda, the next HR-V won't have a show-stopping design, though the taillights seem to be inspired by the company's luxury division, Acura. Otherwise, the 2023 HR-V seems to go its own way in terms of design. The grille is positioned much lower than other Hondas, and the headlights are not as thin as the outgoing version. The greenhouse is also more rounded, and now extends beyond the rear door, making the SUV appear longer. Additionally, the current HR-V's pillar-mounted rear door handle has been replaced by a more conventional unit. Also expect more contemporary powertrains under the hood, as well as a cleaner interior inspired by the new Civic.

Honda also said that the 2023 HR-V marks the beginning of Honda's "year of the SUVs," which means we could see more new crossovers from the brand later this year. This might include the redesigned CR-V and Pilot, as prototypes for both models have been sighted.

Do you like what you see with the 2023 HR-V so far?

Images: Honda


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