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The Alfa Romeo Tonale Quadrifoglio Isn't Happening

Everybody's hopes were up when the Tonale SUV's existence hinted at a Quadrifoglio performance variant. Every model so far has it including the Stelvio compact SUV, so why not? Well, Autoblog states it isn't happening. After all, rumors of amazing new creations swarm around Alfa Romeo. A Giulia Coupe and revived 8C supercar officially aren't happening either, and the new Giulia GTA is the best we can get.

Although, it doesn't mean over 300 horsepower isn't going to happen. The production version leaked a long time ago, but it will arrive in showrooms early next year. A 48-volt mild-hybrid electrical system with a 2.0-liter turbocharged gasoline engine, including up to 330 horsepower. This is definitely worth waiting for, even without the Quadrifoglio badge.

Source Credits: Motor1


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