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The Chevy Bolt Might Not Stay In Brand's Lineup For Long

The Chevy Bolt EV hatchback was one of the first modern mass-market electric vehicles available when it debuted in 2016, and just recently, the Bolt family has expanded to include the EUV crossover. But despite being among the cheapest EVs on the market today, major battery recalls and production halts plagued the eco-friendly duo, causing buyers to turn to other brands. Fortunately, the issues have been resolved, but GM no longer seems to have much faith in its Bolt lineup.

A report from the Detroit Free Press seems to confirm this, with Chevy saying that the Bolt might not fit into the automaker's future EV lineup. This is especially true with the new Ultium platform that will underpin all of GM's EVs going forward. The Bolt EV and EUV, meanwhile, ride on an older BEV2 architecture. "Will the Bolt be in our portfolio 'x' numbers of years from now? No, it won't," said Chevrolet vice president of marketing, Steve Majoros. But that doesn't mean the Bolt is completely toast. "It's a great product right now. It will be with us for some time. But as we scale and ramp volume here, portfolios change."

Even though the Bolt has experienced an unsuccessful 2022 model year, it still has its upsides. Like we mentioned before, it's one of the least expensive EVs out there, starting at $25,600 for the EV and $27,200 for the EUV. To further sweeten the deal, Chevy is currently offering huge incentives for both vehicles. Additionally, the Bolt EUV offers Super Cruise hands-free driving as an option, being the first Chevy model to offer such a feature.

Would you rather: the Bolt, or an upcoming Ultium-based EV?

Images: Chevrolet


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