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The Escalade Will Be Cadillac's Last Gas-Powered Model By 2026

Cadillac is picking up the pace with its transition to a fully electric lineup, and it seems that the automaker's gas-powered models are living on borrowed time with reports that the Escalade will be the only ICE model left as soon as 2026.

Automotive News claims that the Escalade will be left as the only gas-powered option for Cadillac customers by the middle of the decade, though an all-electric variant called the Escalade IQ will be offered alongside it. This means that we could see the Escalade IQ fully unveiled within the next couple of years.

This report also means that Cadillac's other ICE models, including the XT4, XT5, XT6 crossovers and the CT4 and CT5 sedans, will be dropped one by one in favor of their electric replacements in the coming years. Each new EV will do away with the alphanumeric names that Cadillac's current lineup uses, and will instead have more traditional nameplates with the 'iq' suffix.

We expect the gas-powered Escalade to be cancelled out by 2030, which is when Cadillac and many other automakers plan to go fully electric. But before the final gas-powered Caddy rolls off the line, let's enjoy the brand's V8-powered Blackwing models while they're still around.

Do you think Cadillac will really end up dropping its gas-powered lineup as soon as 2026?

Source: Automotive News

Images: Cadillac


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