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Honda Clarity Dropped From Lineup After Dismal Sales

The Honda Clarity arrived in 2017 as an eco-friendly sedan that offered a fuel cell variant, as well as an EV and plug-in hybrid. For all these years, most buyers in the market for an alternative-fuel vehicle did not know that the Clarity even existed. Some of those that noticed were turned away by the pricey MSRP, polarizing design, and a terrible 89-mile range in the EV. Because of this, the Clarity EV was suddenly discontinued in the US market last year. Now, Honda is ready to retire the entire Clarity lineup this August due to slow sales and the closure of their Sayama, Japan factory.

Although production is ending open a few months, the Clarity fuel cell will apparently remain available for lease into the early months of 2022. Despite just over 4,000 examples sold, Honda stated in their press release that the Clarity played an important role in transitioning the automaker to electrification and fuel cell energy. If you are one of the select few that wants a Clarity over the Toyota Mirai or Chevy Bolt, hurry to a Honda dealer, as the final months for this model are nearing.

Along with the Clarity, sources say that Honda is additionally discontinuing the Japanese version of the Odyssey and the Honda Legend (Acura RLX), which recently gained high-tech Level 3 autonomous driving technology. Both models are also built in Sayama, explaining why they are suddenly going out of production.

Source: Honda


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