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The iCar Drama Continues: Nissan Withdraws From Apple Deal As Well

Apple is really attracting attention in the automotive industry as they seek an automaker to share their resources and help to build their long-awaited autonomous vehicle. Hyundai and Kia backed out for multiple, and Nissan began talks with the etch company almost immediately after. Now, Nissan has cancelled their collaboration as well. Nissan's reason of backing off seems to be because of branding, the same reason that Hyundai and Kia dropped the deal over.

Apple would basically be using Nissan or Hyundai as a supplier, and they would want their iconic Apple badge to be placed on their vehicle, yet Nissan or Hyundai/Kia want to have their own badge on the car. Because of ongoing disagreements over this with every automaker that tries to make a deal, Apple should realize that they have to make a compromise. Apple has gone through a lot of this sort of thing, as BMW was previously a possible candidate for producing the Apple car (Apple's car has been in development since 2014).

While Nissan has cancelled their deal with Apple, their COO expressed interest in partnering with another tech giant like Google to work on their own autonomous prototypes. As for Apple, they might want to rethink their partnership strategies with automakers.

Source Credits: CarBuzz

Image Credits: Nissan, Apple


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