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The Kia EV9 Is A Spacious Three-Row SUV With Electrifying Looks

Kia has revealed the first images of its all-electric Telluride alternative, the EV9, ahead of its full-scale global debut later this month. It joins the Rivian R1T and Tesla Model X in the electric three-row SUV space, though it's the first to target the mainstream market. On its home turf, the EV9 must face the gas-powered Telluride, which has proven to be a sales success for Kia. But with freed up space thanks to the under-floor battery and the absence of an internal comubstion engine, the EV9 does carry some advantages over its ICE brother.

The EV9 bears distinct styling that closely resembles the concept version, with the same boxy profile and bold lighting elements. A long wheelbase is flanked by large wheels, which will measure up to 21 inches, though smaller 19- and 20-inch wheels will also be available. The sharp lines are described by Kia as "refined boxiness," featuring a mix of both triangular and rounded elements. Meanwhile, the EV9's high shoulders paired with a low beltine create a commanding prescence while also benefitting outward visibility.

Occupants inside are greeted by a clean and modern interior, which we are happy to report still includes at least some physical controls, though they are mostly capacitative buttons. The EV9's dashboard features a pair of 12.3-inch touchscreens just like the regular Telluride, but they are positioned on a more stylish dashboard that's separated from the door panels and center console. Overall, the EV9 boasts an immense amount of space–even more so than its gas relative–accentuated by a flat floor and expansive cargo area. Kia says the the EV9 will be offered in either six- or seven-seat layouts.

In terms of creature comforts, the EV9 definitely delivers. While Telluride occupants in the first two rows already enjoy sliding and reclining seats, the EV9's second row seats are capable of swiveling up to 180 degrees. That way, those in the second row can interact face-to-face with the third row passengers, and the seat can also be turned 90 degrees towards the door for easier access in and out of the vehicle. Elsewhere, it's worth noting that there are charging ports and cupholders positioned in all three rows.

Kia hasn't revealed full specs just yet, but the EV9 is rumored to start around the $50,000 mark, though his high asking price can be justified by the exorbitant markups that Telluride buyers have been willing to pay. That being said, we'll just have to wait to see whether the EV9 can garner the same success for Kia as its gas-powered counterpart has.

Would you consider an EV9 over a Telluride?

Image Credits: Kia


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