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The Kia Stinger Is In Serious Trouble

As we all know, the Kia Stinger is getting a refresh very soon, which signals to an exciting performance upgrade. But, automakers like Volvo are starting to focus on certain models, which leads to the discontinuation of the ones that don't sell. The Stinger was pleasant surprise when it was revealed in 2018, but shockingly slow sales could lead to its demise. COVID-19 is to blame for this new normal, because Volvo is going to axe a few models too. Also, Nissan will downsize, and it could sacrifice some unpopular models. The next generation Genesis G70 is also in danger. The Stinger's possible fate would disappoint enthusiasts, and slow sales make it a big possibility.

The Stinger will probably make it far enough to receive the upcoming facelift, but a second generation really might not happen.

Source Credits: CarBuzz

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Apr 26, 2020

Wow! The navigation and audio system is super slick!


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