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The New Nissan Patrol May Preview A New Armada

The recently revealed Nissan Patrol (A Nissan Armada Outside The US) may be previewing a new Armada for the US. It definitely looks better than the older, more outdated version. Some new changes include new headlight and taillight designs, a refreshed grille, different foglight designs, and a revamped interior. A new Armada still is not confirmed, but is expected. A new Armada would probably be altered for US standards, like the steering wheel and brake pedals on the left side and possibly more of a variety of trims.

This side view shows less of a rear bumper. The patrol has always had a different rear bumper than the Armada, so we expect a bigger bumper like the current Armada shown below:

In conclusion, we still do not know if a new Armada is just around the corner, but it will most likely happen.


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