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The Next Toyota Prius Will Still Be A Hybrid

Rumors regarding the new, fifth-generation Toyota Prius have been all over the place. Some claim that it will switch to an all-electric powertrain, and others state that an entirely new electric model will replace it. A recent report from a Toyota official denies those rumors, and though details are scarce, we now know that the Prius will remain as a hybrid.

The Toyota official thinks the Prius is an icon, and it should stay that way despite a growing field of BEVs surrounding it. The Prius serves as Toyota's primary hybrid model, and is the pinnacle of the brand's hybrid tech. The next-generation model will continue that. This report from Toyota supports earlier statements from the automaker. They stated that there should be other alternatives to gas vehicles, like hydrogen and hybrid vehicles, and not just BEVs. The Prius will carry out those statements, and will offer more than a conventional hybrid powertrain.

The new Prius will reportedly utilize Toyota's new "bipolar nickel-metal hydride" battery, but other rumors say that it will have an improved version of the current 1.8 liter engine. Other reports state that a new Prius PHEV, which might be the next Prius Prime, will arrive in 2025. It will feature a revolutionary combination of hydrogen and ICE power, which is currently in the experimental phase. Autocar claims that the fifth-gen Prius will run on the Europe-exclusive E3 platform, which combines Toyota's GA-C architecture with the all-electric bZ platform.

The next Prius should arrive in December of 2022, likely remaining available up until 2030, since Europe and the UK are planning on banning all new ICE vehicle sales that year. This means the fifth generation might be the last hybrid Prius, assuming that Toyota isn't planning on discontinuing it completely.

Do you think Toyota is making the right decision?

Images: Toyota

Sources: Autocar, Carscoops


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