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The Volkswagen Golf Hatchback Is Now A Goner In The US

Volkswagen's well-known Golf hatchback has roamed US streets for 40 long years. Now, that's about to change. The Volkswagen Golf, after 2.5 million US sales, has been discontinued in the US. The Beetle suffered the same fate last year. The Golf will be missed (hopefully) by many, but the GTI and R performance versions are still coming. It just looks like the US is't interested in fun, practical hatchbacks anymore.

The heritage of the Golf is something that makes us sad about its demise. It first arrived in the US as the Rabbit, and the second generation switched to the 'Golf' nameplate. Strangely, from 2006 to 2009, the Golf became known as the Rabbit again. Over the years, the family hatchback has become well-known across the globe. Volkswagen understands how disappointing this news is, stating that it "exemplified what Volkswagen does best; melding dynamic driving characteristics with purposeful packaging and unmatched quality. While the seventh-generation Golf will be the last of the base hatches sold here, the GTI and Golf R will carry its legacy forward."

Europe will get the next-generation Golf, or Golf 8. It mixes trendy design with a fun ride and modern technology. If you are still interested in a standard Golf, you'd better hurry, as the last examples are rolling out of the factory. The 2021 Golf is only available in the TSI trim level with a 1.4 liter turbocharged engine and an eight-speed automatic. If you want more fun in your standard Golf 7, a manual transmission is still an option at the time of writing. Despite the outdated tech, reliability is said to be excellent.

We will really miss the Golf here in the US, and we wish we had the standard Golf 8 around, but the upcoming next-generation GTI and R will keep us happy.

Source Credits: CarBuzz, Volkswagen, DriveTribe (some are unknown)

Images: Volkswagen


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