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These 11 Cars Won't Be Around After 2020

With the rising popularity of SUVs and crossovers, plus the cost-cutting plans automakers are addressing to stay profitable, some vehicles are left to wither. These 11 cars on this list will not be around after the 2020 model year.

(1: Ford Fusion/Lincoln MKZ

These related midsize sedans are ending production this month (July), so prepare to say goodbye. The Ford Fusion has been living on borrowed time, as it has seen other models such as the Focus, Taurus and Fiesta disappear. What's surprising is that it made Ford's top 5 bestselling list. Also, the Lincoln MKZ never caught on, so we knew this day would come.

(2: US-Spec Toyota Yaris

The Toyota Yaris has been through a lot. The subcompact sedan/hatch duo has seen its former brand, Scion, die off. Toyota saved some models to keep under their umbrella, and the lucky Yaris was one. It is a rebadged Mazda2, so buyers don't think much of this model. After all that happened, the Yaris will permanently disappear in the US market. Toyota did hint at the arrival of its foreign-market Yaris, which has an awesome GR performance variant.

(3: Dodge Journey

This is the only SUV or crossover on the list, but that's for a reason. The Dodge Journey debuted as a small, but mighty crossover in 2009. The problem is, it hasn't changed since then. The increasingly outdated interior, technology, performance and style kept more and more buyers away every year. We say this is a good riddance.

(4: Dodge Grand Caravan

Much like the Journey, the grandfather of all minivans has been around almost unchanged for a decade. Chrysler's Town & Country minivan is gone, and Dodge is now focused on horsepower more than anything. This leaves the Grand Caravan to be replaced by Chrysler's newer, but still affordable Voyager minivan.

(5: Lincoln Continental

We'd say this is one of the worst cars to say goodbye to. The Continental had so much potential. But, Lincoln's final flagship sedan drowns in a sea of SUVs. Sales were lagging, but we think that Lincoln could have turned it into a sedan version of the Navigator SUV, but ever since this thing launched, we knew it wouldn't last. Production finalizes at the year's end.

(6: Alfa Romeo 4C Spider

Alfa Romeo's cute little sport coupe announced the beginning of the brand's return to the US market. The 4C coupe saw its demise last year, so now it's time for the convertible to follow suit. It will not see a replacement, as the currently struggling automaker has canceled plans for a GTV sports car and 8C successor. A disappointing 144 examples were sold last year. Alfa Romeo is launching a new Italia trim as a tribute to this cool car.

(7: Lexus GS

The Lexus GS luxury sedan and its amazing GS F counterpart won't see 2021. Sales were slow, and the ES and IS are just more reasonable. What didn't help was that the sedan has been around nearly unchanged since 2013. It was the first car to receive their now iconic spindle grille. Hopefully, the new 2021 IS makes up for it.

(8: Acura RLX

The Acura RLX could have been a way better flagship sedan. We won't miss it. It could be replaced with an RWD sedan, but we don't know for sure. But, don't worry. Acura isn't giving up on sedans. They still have the ILX compact sedan and the TLX midsize sedan with its 2021 Type S performance trim. We saw this day coming. Production is ending soon.

(9: Chevrolet Sonic

The Sonic serves as Chevy's subcompact sedan/hatchback mix. But, we won't see it after 2020. We aren't surprised, though. The Malibu and Spark are the only sedans or hatchbacks left, but their futures are uncertain as well. The Sonic does not have a direct replacement, but the closest to a successor is the new 2021 Trailblazer compact crossover. We'll sort of miss its dynamic styling and affordable price tag.

(10: Buick Regal

This isn't surprising, and we knew this was happening for a while now. The Sportback, Avenir, GS and TourX variants are all going away. This leaves Buick with the Encore, Encore GX, Envision and Enclave SUVs.

11: BMW i8

The BMW i8 coupe/convertible was recently discontinued with exclusive colors as a tribute to the beginning of their electric/hybrid future and founded the unique 'i' range of vehicles. This futuristic sports car is very cool to see on the road, but it won't see a successor. The expensive pricing and unique styling wasn't for everyone. We'll definitely miss this.


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