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This C8 Corvette Thinks It's A Cadillac Instead

Ever since the C8 Corvette was revealed, rumors have been floating around saying that a Cadillac version would be coming, but sadly, that's mostly wishful thinking. But it looks like this wishful thinking is spreading to the Corvettes, too. The owner of a new C8 Corvette uploaded a video of the car's infotainment system pretending to be a Cadillac.

The owner shows that instead of the Corvette logo appearing on the screen when turned on, the Cadillac crest is there. On top of that, all of the owner's radio presets has been deleted in favor of the Cadillac software. He also proves that it wasn't just a one-time issue by turning the sports car off and back on twice.

The owner has also experienced the problem that plagued earlier C8's, where the frunk would randomly open while driving. Chevrolet fixed the issue with an over-the-air infotainment update, so they might have to do it again if this Cadillac software mix-up continues with more drivers.

Source: Jaysmizle (video), Chevrolet (images)


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