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This Is What The 2023 Cadillac Celestiq Might Look Like

We rendered what we think the 2023 Cadillac Celestiq electric sedan will look like.

This rendering is heavily based on Cadillac's Escala concept from 2016, since we suspect it was meant to preview the Celestiq. Since the Escala made its debut, there has been no production version yet, though reports at the time stated that the concept was starting production 'in 2021.' Now that we're in 2021, we know that the Celestiq is arriving in prototype form this February.

We looked at teasers of the Celestiq from GM's CES presentation last January, which reveal that this new flagship will share its front fascia with the Lyriq crossover. Therefore, we replaced the Escala's front end with the Lyriq's. We also know from the teasers that the Celestiq will feature a downward-sloped rear quarter window, unlike the Escala's upward-facing unit. This downward angle will be able to flow with the Celestiq's allegedly long trunk, creating a smooth, elegant look. Speaking of the long trunk, we also extended the Escala's roofline in order to seamlessly connect it with the rear fascia.

If our render is close to the actual Celestiq, we're in for a beautiful Cadillac flagship. A low stance, sloped roofline, and thin lighting is the perfect recipe for a successful sedan, and the Celestiq is set to include all of those ingredients.

Do you think our render of the Celestiq is accurate?


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