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Toyota Land Cruiser To Retire After 2021

The Toyota Land Cruiser has a long history of being a war Jeep, but after the 1940's era, is became a legend to enthusiasts as an off-road SUV. By the 2000's it was a rebadged Lexus LX. The luxury off-roader is loved by anyone who is into off-road vehicles. Now we know that the SUV won't live after 2022. An unknown dealership confirmed the news, hinting that the Land Cruiser might not ever be revived again. But, an official Toyota brochure of their model lineup until 2023 leaked earlier this year states the opposite. It said that the 4x4 would make a comeback in 2022 as a Jeep Wrangler/Ford Bronco competitor.

The Land Cruiser is currently Toyota's longest-running uninterrupted model, surpassing the bestselling Camry and RAV4. It also stands as the auto industry's second longest-lasting nameplate (the Chevrolet Suburban is older). We'll also miss the fact that the Land Cruiser can reportedly withstand the harshest conditions, specifically Australia's rugged desert terrain.

But, for those who tragically miss the mix of luxury and capability in a big, reliable car can still turn to Lexus, who reportedly doesn't plan to drop the LX (the Land Cruiser's twin) anytime soon. But, that doesn't go without some losses: the V8 engine will be replaced with a smaller V6. The discontinuation of the Land Cruiser brigs back the Heritage Edition with new exterior colors and a third row.

The Land Cruiser leaves a big gap in Toyota's crowded lineup, but a next generation is still possible. So, we wouldn't worry just yet.

Source Credits: CarBuzz


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